Swim Session Change

June 3, 2013

So we are now firmly into the season, with many Frogs smashing it up all over the country and beyond!

Nicky mentioned that Monday runs may not work now as many are taking monday as a recovery day and have asked for the day to be moved.  A great amount of base work has been done and many athletes are now also looking for alternative distances depending on their main race.

Also we had a great meeting with the Sailing Club today re the open water swimming. On a Wednesday evening 6pm to 7pm they do have their Junior night, whereby they have about 40 – 50 children learning to sail, 20 of these are complete novices.  Naturally, we are close together and therefore there is a need that we work closely with the sailing club.  Can we suggest the following:

  •  We move our swim night from Wednesday evening to Monday evening.  This will allow those that have raced to have a recovery swim. Also the run night can move to a wednesday evening.
  • We fully understand that if people want to swim they can, and if you have to swim on a wednesday between 6 and 7pm can we head towards Waterwynch and Monkstone and hug the coast that way.  As adults we can be more flexible with our training.  The children do need to be supervised in a controlled area, and its probably fair to say at the moment, 100% control is not guaranteed and boats hurt!!!!
  • If there is no objections to this – Can we suggest this starts from 10th June.  Naturally, this wednesday the boats will be in the water so if we can swim left off the beach and give them the space they need that would really be appreciated.
  • Runs will be moved to wednesday evenings, from the Salterns at 6pm.  We will mark turn points on a 5 mile out and back course (10miles).  Those wishing to run 6 miles, then turn at 3 miles etc and head home.
  • Also if anyone is swimming open water morning or evenings and want company , please post it on the Facebook page and I know many of us are in 3 -5 times a week now.
  • If and where you can always wear a bright/ visible swim cap.

Also this Monday (10th June) , Oli will be holding a wetsuit clinic in the pool and will have 2 of the 4 lanes.  So any of you that fancy a neoprene hour of fun with the shaven one, see you in the pool at 6.30am.