Feb News

February 11, 2013

Ah time for a little feb update!

So we are now into 4 lanes in Tenby pool and doing them proud! A huge thank you must go to Jazzy and the team at PCC for finding the opening for us.  Lets get as many down there now as possible in the mornings and make the most of what is an amazing facility.  The new times allow a swim and bike prior to work – Matt and Nicky will soon be heading to Haverfordwest on 2 wheels regularly – so hop on!

Great to see Paul Dedoncker in the pool this morning too.  A new frog, an an amphibian talent at that!! We will be picking his brains!

The membership cards are here – A huge thanks to Ross and Steve at Dirty Green Trainers for sponsoring these.  As from next week you will need your membership cards to access the pool.  The cards also get you discounts with all our partners.

Matt has met with a few coaches last week and we will be putting up some quality coaching sessions to members soon.  Paul Dowie is working with Tri Excercise on 3 hour clinics – money very well spent pre season! Also on the swim side we have spoken with David Davies (olympic medalist) who will be coming down to conduct Open Water specific sessions later in the year.  Once we confirm our Tri and run clinics we will post them here too.

We are still looking for anyone happy to go Pool side on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Nicky’s run sessions have been a great hit! Some people running serious PB’s already! This group is already finding its feet and splitting into a faster and not so fast group.  It’s still very early in the season and these are great sessions to get out, run and have a bit of fun too.  Steve has had a few problems with his back, but Wednesdays sessions in Narberth should be back on track.


Sample sizes are being posted to us today.  Once we get these we will have a week or so to get an idea of how the sizes come up.  Such a difference with Tri kit, we wanted to get a feel for it.  So when it arrives we will text everyone and if you want to try the kit on just let us know.  Once we have a good sample of people and what they are ordering we can finalise price, orders and give advice on sizing. But if we get our skates on we could have the Kit by the end of March! Hoping to get final designs up in the next few days.

Train Safe

Five Frogs!