Club Update

November 29, 2012

OK Guys we are now over 80 members!!

The sessions are coming together nicely and in January the swim sessions will now have specific focus – Split between Skills, Speed and Endurance.

As the weather comes good we will put together a few mid week rides too.

Nicky’s run session on Mondays is proving to be a great hit, as is Steve’s hour run in Narberth on a Wednesday evening.  We are looking to introduce a weekend run, but with more of a speed focus, so probably 1 mile fast, 1 mile recovery on an out and back loop.  This brings me onto the Junior section nicely.


We are targeting January to get the Junior section up and running.  With regard to swims,we do not want to reinvent the wheel and feel we should encourage children to join the Dolphins or the Seals.  For children that cannot swim yet we are working on a learn to swim programme to help these children, both swim and gain confidence before moving to these clubs.  If however, this approach does not work, then we will introduce our own Junior swim programme – but cannot see why it will not.

Junior run sessions are a must and we are talking with a few people about taking run sessions for the children.  Mixing into ability and age groups.

Junior Bike sessions will take place teaching children how to ride safely in groups on the road.  To be honest once the children are around 14 most of them will be passing most of the adults!!!


Exciting!!! The hoodies are out and the new Tee is also live on the website.  Unfortunately guys, you do need to pay before we order these.  Some people have requested them on forms and no money has yet to arrive.  We are poor at the moment and can only spend what we have.  Sorry!!

We have a few designs for the bike and run kit, which as a club we need to agree on.  Which brings me to the core of the club…………


We need a date in December to all meet and have a beer and make world dominating plans!!! ideas????  post on Facebook and we can all banter away!!!!!